Skill for Life

WHAM is affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists and we apply IAM principles and techniques in all our coaching activities so if you want to become an advanced motorcyclist, you can be sure you will receive the best standard available. Once qualified, you will discover that we are also an active motorcycle club – so please also look at our Home page.

Should you wish to develop your motorcycling skills you will need to enrol as an associate on the IAM’s Skill for Life programme. The standard for this is set by the IAM, nationally. Coaching is provided by a WHAM observer who will explain the theoretical basis of motorcycle training, no dry theory sessions we promise! Your observer will put the theory into context using the experience of your Observed Rides. Be warned; we will expect you to do some ‘homework’ too!

The IAM’s ‘Skill for Life’ programme costs £149. This includes membership of WHAM, your first year of IAM membership, your IAM manual and the IAM Advanced Test fee.  If you’d like to enrol please contact our Membership Secretary for more details.

Once you’ve joined Skill for Life, you’ll be allocated a WHAM observer who will take you through the complete programme. Your observed rides will be arranged between you and your observer at suitably convenient times, be it during the week, weekends or evenings.

During your Skill for Life course, rides are usually on a one-to-one basis and are conducted in a relaxed and informal style. The average number of observed runs is about 6 to 8 but can vary considerably. You can expect the Skill for Life programme to last about 2 to 3 months.

If you are not sure about advanced motorcycling, why not come and join us on the first Sunday of any month for our Club Sunday morning ride. We meet at McDonalds, Hylton Road Worcester departing at 9:00 during the summer and 9:30 in the winter. Alternatively, if you fancy a Sunday ride from Hereford, please contact Alex Hoyle and it can be arranged.

Come and ‘have a go’ – You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Your observer gives time freely to assist you and others in developing motorcycle skills on observed runs. Frequently an observer will have several Associates at the same time so we do ask that you make a voluntary contribution of £10 per run towards your observer’s motorcycle running expenses. This is capped to a maximum contribution of £100.

Success in the IAM motorcycle examination brings the recognition of Full membership of IAM nationally and recognition (by most insurers) that you qualify for lower premiums.

Having passed your test should you want more training and experience then we can arrange that! WHAM has a structured programme to develop your skills further including:

  • Track events
  • Roadside First Aid
  • Off-Road events
  • Slow-handling skills

We are often asked “how long will it take ?” to become an advanced rider. Difficult one that, as we all learn at our own pace. Generally we find that 6-8 observed rides is sufficient for the average rider who listens and can readily absorb the training into their ride.