Rideout Policy


Sunday Ride-out Policy

On the first Sunday of each month the ride is open to all (full members, associates and prospective members). Full members will continue to form riding groups for a ‘free-ride’. Associates and prospective members will undertake a pre-arranged observed ride: in the case of associates, preferably accompanied by their own observer (or a substitute who has previously agreed to cover the ride).

Prospective new members: either come along on the first Sunday of the month or contact our Membership Secretary to arrange another date.

The remaining Sundays of each month (usually 3 but sometimes 4) are open to full members and only those associates who have pre-arranged an observed ride with their assigned observer (or nominated substitute). All riders engaged on an observed run will either choose a different route or maintain time separation from full members’ riding groups.

NB: it is the associate’s responsibility to arrange all Sunday morning observed rides with his/her assigned Observer. Associates or prospective members will not take part in a ‘free-ride’.

All Observers are encouraged to continually monitor the riding standards of other riders, and if it comes to their attention that poor standards are being displayed the Observer should take it upon him/herself to have a discreet word with the rider concerned (or raise it with a Committee member).

Please arrive at the start point with a full tank of fuel. Note that Sunday ride routes posted on the website change from time to time so please ensure you download the latest route from the Program page each Sunday to ensure we are all using the same route.