Feedback from our post-test surveys shows that all those that have completed Skill for Life consider it excellent value for money and would highly recommend it to others.

Here are just a small selection of comments from some of our recent test passes….


“….I can’t praise the Skill for Life course enough. It was one of the best things I have ever done. I am a completely different rider now to when I started out on the course…”

AWH, Bromyard 53

“….The SFL Course is exactly what it says on the tin. I know it will never happen but I think people should be made to do it after their test or after a period. I have never recommended a course so much since the naked page 3 girl mud wrestling course I did some years ago….”

AH, Hereford 28

“….I have ridden a motorbike for 45 years almost continuously without ever having had any training before this. I realised that the bikes are getting faster and my reactions were slowing, and that there was a lot to learn, so I researched the options. The IAM course came very well recommended by a number of sources and motorcycling friends. Locally I was advised to join WHAM as they were thought to be friendly and professional. All the recommendations were spot on. I have learnt a lot, some of the skills I didn’t have because I didn’t even know they existed before the course. It has been a most enjoyable and rewarding training course and I have told everyone about it….. ”

J B Flyford Flavel 62

“…I feel that the Skills for Life course is a necessity for any rider who lacks experience or confidence. The skills practiced and the advice at hand from the observers is invaluable and helps build your confidence and ability ensuring you become a safer and more competent rider as quickly as possible….”

LJ Hereford 24

“…Just keep on doing it…”

DM, Lugwardine 53

“…By far the biggest difference to my riding style is that I no longer ride with blissful ignorance, I still make a lot of mistakes (I am human after all) but I am now aware of those mistakes and try to learn from them…Read More….”

RB, Bromyard 40