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Meet the Team – Committee & Observers.


Gary Barnes – Chief Observer – Worcester area.

Observer Qualifications:
2015 – IAM Masters
2016 – National Observer

Gary passed his bike test in 1982 on a Yamaha 125 two-stroke single. One year later he became an instructor for the Part 1 of what was then a two-part motorcycle test. Family commitments took Gary away from biking but in 2005 he purchased a Yamaha XJ600 and was back in the saddle, a year on he moved up to a V-Max and then a Fazer1000. Gary passed his advanced test in November 2008 and immediately moved on to become a Group Observer.

Gary passed his Masters in 2015 and is now one of WHAM’s National Observers.

Gary’s current bike is a BMW GS1200 which he finds just perfect for enjoying the ride or for Observing. Passing on the skills he has learned gives Gary great satisfaction.


Del Britton – Chief Observer – Hereford area.

Observer Qualifications:
2016 – IAM Track Instructor (Bikes)
2014 – Local Observer Assessor
2014 – IAM radio qualified (Level 3)
2013 – National Observer
2013 – IAM Masters
2010 – IAM F1rst


DElRoundedDel first passed his DSA bike test in Nov 1991. He rode a Yamaha 125, mainly commuting to work. Staying loyal to Yamaha he progressed onto a Diversion but then defected to Suzuki with a 600 Bandit.
Del’s work and travel commitments prevented him becoming a regular rider, however salvation arrived in 2007 when his work and travel requirements subsided giving him the time to ride for fun! He returned to Yamaha with a FZ1 Fazer and enrolled on an advanced riding day with an ex-police instructor who spotted the talent and suggested Del should join an advanced club and take his riding skills on to the next level and train for the advanced test.
Del joined WHAM in October 2010 passing his IAM test in March 2011. Now riding a BMW R1200RT and having qualified as a group observer he continues to enjoy his riding and takes great pleasure in helping others to realise the benefits of advanced riding.
Del has been busy gaining Observer experience and IAM qualifications, passing the IAM ‘Masters’ test, the National Observer and Local Observer Assessor roles and is IAM Radio qualified to level 3. As an active member of the club’s Committee and Training Team Del is fully involved in WHAM’s continuing development.



Paul Whitcombe – National Observer.

Observer Qualifications:
2014 – Local Observer Assessor
2013 – National Observer
2009 – Qualified Observer
2005 – IAM test pass

Paul thoroughly enjoys all aspects of biking. His first recollection of being on a bike is riding pillion on his father’s Honda C90 to primary school in a slightly too large white open-face helmet.

Paul’s most memorable biking experience is riding in India where he was cut up by camels, cows and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. In Jaipur his forward observation was useful for spotting half-finished roads and lorries travelling 3 a-piece towards him. Riding with parakeets flying alongside him was breath-taking (as was the dust).

Paul enjoys touring and visits the UK Moto GP and other race meetings. He has participated in many WHAM events, including the off-road weekend which not only improved his riding but was also a great social event.

Paul is a National Observer and a Local Observer Assessor. He finds observing very rewarding and is committed to developing riders’ skills. Having had numerous bikes Paul has recently settled on a BMW GS1200, which is perfect for observing, the WHAM Sunday rides and all-day routes.

Being a heavy drinker, Paul enjoys the social side of the club as much as the training. As an active member of the club’s Committee and Training Team Paul is fully involved in WHAM’s continuing development.


Derek McMullan – National Observer (Training)

Observer Qualifications:
2015 – IAM National Training Team Assessor
2014 – Local Observer Assessor
2014 – IAM radio qualified (Level 3)
2013 – IAM Masters Distinction
2013 – IAM Regional Training Team member
2013 – National Observer
2007 – IAM Track Instructor (Bikes & Cars)


DerekRoundedDerek started motorcycling with a 70cc Capri scooter at the age of 14! He graduated through lots of scooters and bikes but notably a Thruxton Velo, a Triumph Bonneville and Norton Dominator before the decline of the British bike industries. A Honda 400/4 led into a succession of BMW boxers and a brief flirtation with a Pan STX1300, then a clutch of KTM machines and a BMW 800GS – that one stood the test of time rather well! He is now riding a 2018 BMW 1200GS Adventure after initially being seduced away from BMW by the KTM 1290 Superduke – which stills lurks in his garage.

Derek is Vice-Chairman of IAM RoadSmart’s Council.  He remains passionately interested in developing riders’ skills and awareness.


Roger Brooks – National Observer.
Roger recently moved to the UK from South Africa. Shocked by the amount of traffic and abundance of what seemed like unnecessary bends here in the UK, he signed up with WHAM to do the Skill for Life. Since then Roger has become an Observer with the group and helps out Severn Free Wheelers riding the Blood Bike.

Roger rides a Harley Davidson and a Honda ‘Big One’ CB1000 which he has recently turned into a very smart Cafe racer.




Ant Clerici – National Observer (Training) & WHAM’s Region 3 Forum Representative.

AntRoundedOne of Ant’s childhood memories is of riding pillion on his Dad’s Francis Barnet. They broke down on the way to Brighton so arrived late; then travelled home way past Ant’s bedtime so he was made to sing to prevent him falling asleep! Ant’s own biking career started with commuting to school in South London on a 175cc BSA Bantam. More adventurous trips to Holland and the South of France followed (yes on the Bantam); then there was the huge gap whilst dealing with life’s challenges (career, kids etc) before returning to biking on a Yamaha Diversion.Ant now has two bikes – a Honda DCT Africa Twin and a Vectrix electric scooter. Occasionally Ant manages to find time for a “duty” on Severn Freewheelers ‘Blood Bike’.



Eric Reynolds – National Observer (Training) & WHAM Treasurer (Group Officer).

Observer Qualifications:

2014 – Local Observer Assessor
2014 – National Observer
2002 – Qualified Observer
2002 – IAM test pass


withtracerroundedEric started riding a little late in life  at 56 years and the first 12 months of riding was punctuated by moments of elation and then doubt about being able to manage the next bend! He joined an IAM group and his riding got a whole lot better and he passed the IAM test in 2002.

Eric became an observer and then in 2002 qualified as a Senior Observer. He re-qualified in 2008 and then obtained his National Observer Qualification in 2014.

Eric was a founder member of WHAM in 2007 and, as Treasurer, has SgtelvioRoundedbeen looking after the money ever since. He rides safely and accurately and enjoys passing on his skills to other riders. Eric believes the opportunities that WHAM offers to enjoy riding in groups and in different countries is an important part of keeping skills at a high level.

Eric first passed his DSA bike test in Sept 1998. He started riding on a BMW R100 RT and then a progression of Suzukis and BMWs, a Triumph Explorer 1200, a Yamaha Tracer and now a DCT Honda Africa Twin.



Alex Hoyle – National Observer & WHAM Secretary (Group Officer).

Alex only came to motorcycling in the spring of 2008 when he purchased a Piaggio Zip 50 scooter for commuting between Pencombe and Bromyard. Having passed the CBT and full motorcycle test he took a giant leap to a Triumph Sprint ST! 50cc to 1050cc in one leap – with the benefit of experience he doesn’t recommend this route! The Triumph impressed on Alex that without some proper training he could to easily add to the accident statistics; he enrolled in WHAM and in October 2010 passed the IAM Test. Now having a taste for his motorcycling Alex started Observer training in July 2011 and qualified as a WHAM Observer in December 2011. So after two years on a steep learning curve Alex enjoys his motorcycling so much more and now looks forward to helping others to enjoy their biking more whilst staying safe on the road.

Currently Alex rides a 2017 BMW R1200GS Rallye.

Alex passed his IAM Masters in October 2017.


Adrian Wheeler – National Observer & WHAM Membership Secretary.

Adrian’s been biking for over 35 years, covering road bikes and enduro. He joined the IAM not only to improve his road safety but to also have fun and socialise with other like minded motorcycling enthusiasts.

After passing his advanced motorcycling test in 2013 he wanted to develop his skills further so was a regular feature on Sunday group rides. In 2015 he retook his advanced test and secured a F1RST. The following year he became a Local Observer and then in 2016 passed his National Observer examination.

He explains ” I used to be mainly interested in cars but nothing can beat the thrill of riding a motorbike in a controlled, safe and progressive manner and yes, they can be dangerous but you have a choice to massively reduce the risks and still really enjoy the experience.

Adrian passed his IAM Masters with distinction in October 2017.


Andrew Culley – National Observer

Andrew had a biking father and grandfather so it was almost inevitable that he was on (motorised) two wheels at the age of 17. The next year he passed his RAC/ACU test and got his full licence for bike and car a few weeks later. However, the girlfriend (and later first wife) didn’t like bikes and, whilst it took some time to buy a car, he couldn’t afford both so a long layoff ensued. His second wife Anne was far more understanding and an experienced pillion. A leather jacket followed him home from work one day, then a helmet … and Anne got the message. Our born again biker then acquired his first proper bike – a Yamaha XJ600 (no, not the Diversion) in 2003. After sporadic advanced training with a group that eventually folded, he came to WHAM at its start in 2007 and passed his advanced test the same year. His other bikes have been two Triumph Sprints (ST 955) and he now rides a 2016 BMW R1200GS LC (“mein Fräulein”).


Stuart Poole – National Observer & WHAM Chairman (Group Officer).

StuartRoundedStuart started motorcycling at the age of ten on a Honda C50, up an down the garden path. Following taking his test at 18 another Honda followed in the form of a 450DX which provided faithful service during university years. Even with little or no maintenance, care or attention it never refused to start even when covered with snow.

A period working abroad didn’t interrupt the passion motorcycles with brief ownerships of a Yamaha Tenere and a Russian Minsk (this refused to go uphill as fuel would drain out of the carbeuretter. A run up was required along with a quick downhill U-turn to start the wretched machine when it stalled!)

More recently bikes have included a Suzuki Bandit, a Honda VFR and currently a KTM 990 Adventure.


Richard Hewitt – National Observer & WHAM Newsletter Editor.

richardhewitt_rndRichard caught the bike bug whilst riding sidecar in his Grandfathers Ariel outfit circa 1979. This progressed through blatting up and down the track behind his parents’ house on his Dads 100cc Yamaha commuter bike, culminating in a Honda CG125 for his 17th Birthday.

The CG was swapped quite quickly for a Honda CB350S and then on through a number of 600cc Yamaha sports bikes up until the mid-nineties when a BMW K75S came into the garage. In the coming years this ably took Richard and his wife around most of Southern Europe on multiple 2-week tours.

There has subsequently been up to three bikes in the garage at one time ranging from motocrossers, full-dress tourers, sports tourers and lately a Honda VFR800X Crossrunner (“the Crossdresser”).

The Crossdresser has been deployed in the last two of WHAMs three Regional IAM “Ashes” wins and in 2013 Richard ranked joint 1st placed overall individual competitor alongside another WHAM member. The Crossdresser was replaced with a more sporty Honda 650F in 2015, then Richard suffered a severe bout of BMW GS Envy but just could not bring himself to buy one and ended up with a very nice Honda Africa Twin.

Richard has an IAM F1rst pass and is a National Observer. He passed his IAM Masters with distinction in 2016 and now sports a rather interesting beard.


Chris Brown – National Observer

 Observer Qualifications:
2014 – Qualified as Local Observer
2012 – IAM Group Qualified Observer

ChrisBrownRoundedChris first passed his bike test in May 1965. He rode a Suzuki K70, passing his RAC/ACU Training scheme by autumn that year. Chris continued as a volunteer instructor for the next 5 years. Having a succession of bikes including an Aerial Arrow Sport, Velocette 350cc Viper, Suzuki 250cc Super Six, finally owning a new Velocette Venom 500cc Thruxton a bike he still wished he owned today as they are worth a mint.

Chris’s work and home commitments prevented him continuing on two wheels but his career in the Ambulance Service brought him into direct contact with those riders that got it badly wrong. Retiring from work early Chris decided to re-kindle his interest with bikes owning a Honda Deauville, Triumph Bonneville T100 and Honda CBF1000GA. Wishing to advance his by now rusty skills he attended a Bike Safe course with Warwickshire Police who steered him to joining Coventry and Warwick Advanced Motorcyclists and a Skill for Life course.

After 6 months training he passed his advanced test gaining a F1rst pass. Keen to get back to training he was asked to progress to observer qualifying in May 2012. Chris was awarded the Terence White trophy in 2013 by CWAM for being the observer who carried out the most check rides (57) that year.

Moving to Powys in late 2013 he transferred to WHAM in March 2014 re-qualifying as a Local Observer. Enjoying the picturesque scenery and empty roads of Wales, Chris enjoys the challenge of trying to keep his Honda Deauville NT700V clean and passing his knowledge and skills onto others, in the hope of keeping them safe on two wheels. His last Associate also gained a F1rst pass in December 2014 and has gone on to observer training with WHAM.


Callum Rees – National Observer

Observer Qualifications:
2015 – Qualified as Local Observer

CallumRees Callum’s experience of powered two wheels started with Italian Scooters in the 1980’s, as a cheap and fashionable way to commute to work and college. Race tuning 125cc scooter engines soon overpowered the tyres, brakes and frame integrity. Combined with Callum’s addiction to bodybuilding (it was the ‘80’s!), it was time to move to bigger bikes.

Passing the DSA motorcycle test in the early 90’s, a friend’s crash damaged Yamaha RD350 YPVS was purchased, and three months were spent rebuilding it. On the anniversary of his friend’s crash, Callum took a short flight over a car, which swerved across his path to sneak down a one way, the wrong way! “Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You”. Now in two pieces, the jinxed bike was quickly scrapped, unlike his passion for motorcycles.

Moving on a decade (and a bit!), Callum joined WHAM in 2013, seeking advanced motorcycle training to become a Severn Freewheeler Blood Bike Rider.

Established in his voluntary riding duties, Callum wanted to complete the circle by becoming a WHAM Observer and assist motorcyclists with their advanced training.

Callum has always stayed loyal to Japanese brands, but since he’s been riding RT1200’s, his eyes have started to gaze in desire at European Models!


Andy Chambers – Local Observer

Observer Qualifications:

2016 – Local Observer
2015 – IAM test pass

AndyCRoundedAs a young lad I was always involved with motorcycles, yet never owned one until I was 17. I took delivery of a brand new Kawasaki KE 125 in 1983, which was stolen less than a year later.

After that I never had another bike until 2011 when a friend of mine turned up to work on a very nice Yamaha TDM 900, that was it, smitten again! I quickly arranged my CBT, and passed my test a few weeks later.

Like most motorcyclists I was soon made aware of how basic the DSA test was and found myself falling short of the required standard to just stay alive. I started my advanced training with IAM and passed in 2015, since then my riding has improved enormously. Early in 2016 I was asked if I would consider becoming an Observer, which I saw a huge endorsement of how my riding had improved, of course I agreed, and I was assessed and passed as Local Observer in June 16.

My bike list is very short, when I passed my test I had Kawasaki 636 Ninja, and my current bike is a Suzuki Bandit 1250 FA which is a great all round bike. I am looking to change again but it’s difficult when the Bandit is such a good all-rounder.


Tony Davis – National Observer, Webmaster & Routemaster.

Observer Qualifications:

2017 – National Observer
2002 – IAM test pass

Tony started riding bikes when he was 14 and has spent