TyreSafe is one of the UK’s leading tyre safety organisations, dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers associated with defective or illegal tyres.


The String of Horses Inn

An excellent stop over for exploring the Lakes and/or Northumberland’s great roads.

Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, near the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall, The String of Horses is just 10 minutes’ drive from the M6 junction 43. Full details on their website.

Moto Gymkhana

Extreme slow speed control! See website for movies & details…..


Advanced Motorcycling UK

An information portal provided for the benefit of motorcyclists who wish to enhance their riding skills in motorcycle safety, training and knowledge.

Institute of Advanced Motorists

The IAM is the UK’s leading road safety organisation dedicated to raising riding standards (OK, driving standard cars and commercials too!)


Mick Extance Off-Road Experience

For anything off-road! Whether you want to do the Dakar, hone your off-road race skills or just find out what all this off-road stuff is about Mick and his team can provide you with bikes, all the kit, a huge ‘playground’ in Wales and excellent instruction to meet your goals.

Very highly recommended for improving your confidence on the road.

Spence Professional Leather Repairs (SPLR)

Experts in repairing Leathers, Cordura and Waterproof textile suits. The range of repairs not only include motorcycle suits but also boot repairs and alterations (resoling, zip replacement, etc.). Even custom seats for those lucky enough to own a Hayabusa (and for more lowly bikes too!).
As well as motorcycle gear SPLR can re-upholster performance and classic cars and make repairs and alterations to casual clothing. Highly recommended by Steve and Barb Dalloway.


The digital Dogtag – compact storage of medical and contact details for emergencies.




RoSPA’s mission is to enhance the quality of life by exercising a powerful influence for accident prevention. For Motorcycling this is delivered through a sub-section of RoSPA known as RoADAR (RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders)


MAG (Motorcycle Action Group)

MAG’s objective is to promote Motorcycling and to represent and protect the rights and interests of Motorcyclists.


Severn Freewheelers

Severn Freewheelers are a group of advanced motorcyclists providing a free out-of-hours courier service for hospitals in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire.
Known as the ‘blood bikes’ they carry anything from blood to X-rays and patient notes between hospitals in the area.

The British Motorcycle Federation

Working for you and motorcycling as a whole.





Another local tyre dealer who will even fit at home………..


Urban Glow

Urban-Glow designs and manufactures a range of advanced technical products that combines style, safety and function. 15% discount for WHAM members.


On the same business park as Dynamec (Top Barn Business Centre, Holt Heath, Worcester) is Customline, Leon Hughes, specialising in all forms of motorcycle paintwork and bodywork repairs.

His web site is not yet complete,
Details are as above, Unit 9C. Mobile No 07950 561345 or 07984 391925

Castle Combe Motorcycle Safety Days

2011: Rider Performance Safety Days in association with Somerset Road Safety Partnership and motorcyle direct insurance

Special courses designed to cover:
•Machine Handling on the track
•Braking and Avoidance Skills on the Track
•Vehicle Maintenance
•Smart Riding