Group Riding Guidelines
Observing Pack
Title Word PDF
Observer Briefing Notes DOC PDF
Guidance on the IAM Manual DOC PDF
Guidance on POWDER   PDF
IAM ‘Common Confusions’ Clarifications PDF
Document Declaration Form PDF


Observing Aids
Title Powerpoint PDF
Plan on a Page  PPT PDF
Wipe Cards   PDF


Observing – General
Title Word PDF
WHAM Member Refresher DOC PDF
WHAM Assessment Ride Document DOC PDF
Motorcycle Roadcraft questions DOCX PDF
Highway Code questions DOCX PDF
Incident Report Form   PDF
Region 3 Observer Report Form DOC PDF


Title PDF
Roles and Responsibilities PDF
WHAM Constitution PDF


Title PDF
Recommended First Aid Kit PDF
Gift Aid form PDF
IAM test form (for associates) PDF
Pre-test Checklist (for associates) PDF
Wet weather riding guide PDF
Ant Clerici’s Pillions Guide PDF
If you would like to inform your insurance company of your observing activities, feel free to use this proforma